Life Learnings From A Firefly

You will be able to take a leaf out of the humble firefly’s short life-span and apply this learning wherever and whenever you find yourself invested in such adverse situations.


6/2/20233 min read

At times and may be even at present you may find yourself stuck in certain situations which may not be going in your favour. You would be in a perpetual state of disillusionment, disenchantment and self-doubt. Everyone around you would have lost hope of all positivity and goodness. They would have started getting cynical about their jobs and submitted themselves to evil, cunning and self-harming treacherous acts.

In these dark and gloomy times, remember the humble firefly. A tiny magical spark of light always flashes at it’s tail. But it’s only in midst of grave darkness that it finds appreciation and expression in the hearts and minds of poets and writers like me to eulogize on the same. Underground caves are it’s natural habitat. It’s a ray of hope, positivity which is enough to turn back the tide and bring back happiness and liveliness into to this desolate world.

Take note. The dance of it’s light doesn’t happen at the crown of it’s head like a jewel to brag and gloat about from which ego and false pride may sprout but at the very rear end of it’s miniature anatomy to guide those who may have lost in their path and fly them out of their gloominess.

But remember the same light also make the firefly conveniently accessible to it’s predators. There’s danger and maybe even harm. But that doesn’t come in the way of the humble firefly’s ceaseless flashing of it’s natural lamp, for that’s it’s true in born nature and there’s no point hiding your spark for the fear of threat or what others may think of it and even take advantage of. It doesn’t try to fit in to gain acceptance. The light is for all to receive and warm themselves. There is no discrimination whatsoever. Also it does flash on and off but the can never be doused forever until it dies. Deep within us also lays one such spirit of fire which once awakened is difficult to extinguish.

Another way of looking at it is from it’s predator’s POV. Wherever and wherever there’s a spark or ray of light, the predators immediately make a leap towards it. They recognise the golden opportunity and lose no time, we must have an insatiable hunger and disposition towards finding out such lively sparks in the many talented and wonderful people around us and use them albeit in a good way to enhance and improve this very world we live in.

Nonetheless not only the pattern of light flashing differs across different species of the firefly but also the colour of their flash lights. It indicates that the passion or talent whatever you may want to call it may get manifested in different persons in variety of shapes and sizes even with varying intensities or colours. But as long as it is used to help someone in need and provide him warmth and hope, it doesn’t matter how you glow.

Another interesting yet not so well known fact about this lightning genius is that the chemical reaction which produces this bioluminescence emits 100% of it’s energy as light. There is no wastage here unlike in our common candescent bulb in which 10% of heat is dissipated as heat. Whatever little spark of talent or passion you may have give your 100 % always, go the whole hog. Don’t be shy or afraid or be a miser to reveal it to the world, if you are clear that it can be used positively. The universe will pay you back in magnitudes you could not have fathomed.

Also, fireflies do synchronise their flashings from time to time to achieve a common objective or purpose. We should search for people who share our passion and find new ways to connect and collaborate if serves any purpose to any effect. It’s better to connect with like minded people than mingling with such friends who spare no opportunity to pull you down at every chance you get and would not like your light to glow.

Lastly, fireflies have a bad reputation for their body odour. That may appear unattractive to some but it does help they ward away majority of the predatory. Sometimes your strength may come wrapped in your weakness, which you may fail to perceive. Hence broaden your horizon and keep looking for positivity everywhere, even if you may not find it at first glance.

There are lessons and learnings everywhere, in each and every nook and corner of this world. Each tiny creature is worth bucket full of inspirations and enlightenment, only if we have a keen eye and open mind to accept and apply the same.